Eleanor norton

This award, given in the memory of Eleanor Norton, is a sportsmanship award, given to the club member that exemplifies the meaning of the word “sportsmanship.”

2019 Winner

Hall of fame horse

Quicksilver horses have won at every level of the sport of endurance including National and Regional Championships, high mileage, Tevis and Haggin Cup winners, Race of Champion winners, and even winning rides at the international level. Quicksilver likes to recognize horses that have not only ‘won the big rides’ but also stress the importance of their longevity.

2019 Hall of Fame Horse

Hall of fame rider

Quicksilver members have excelled at the sport of endurance on a local, national and international level. We recognize those riders that have stood out above the rest with the QS Hall of Fame award.

2019 Hall of Fame Rider

This award is given to one horse owned and/or ridden by a current Quicksilver member. The award is separate from Horse Hall of Fame by recognizing a horse demonstrating outstanding achievement in a single ride season.

2019 Horse of the Year

Horse Of The Year