Our Mission

Quicksilver Endurance Riders began as a group of friends who met occasionally to discuss and share endurance riding experiences.

We grew rapidly as the group of friends began to meet on a regular basis. They decided to form an endurance riders club, to choose a Board of Directors and Officers, select bylaws, and incorporate to become Quicksilver Endurance Riders, Inc., QSER.

The Club hosts not only successful endurance rides, but provides educational opportunities, and other social functions. The Club publishes a monthly newsletter and a yearbook, as well as holds meetings and an annual banquet. Occasionally, we have speakers from outside the club, including veterinarians, endurance riders, politicians, and others who provide useful and interesting information.

QSER is actively involved in community affairs involving horse trails, both to protect old trails and to open new ones.

QSER is indeed fortunate to continue to have not only a talented and dedicated Board of Directors and Officers, but combined with those of our indispensable general membership have produced a club whose accomplishments are many and whose reputation in all endeavors is the highest.

Life without endurance? I don’t think so.
— Dave Rabe

2018-2019 Board Members

  • Lori Oleson

  • Trilby Pederson

  • Jill Kilty-Newburn

  • Dick Carter

  • Jeanine McCrary

  • Katie Webb

  • Shannon Thomas

Club Bylaws