QS Quips – December ’01   (1) D  E  C  E  M  B  E  R     2  0  0  1   President: Diane Enderle Vice President: Mike Maul Secretary: Jackie Davidson Treasurer: Trilby Pederson Board Member: Jan Jeffers Board Member: Cathy Kauer Board Member: Judith Ogus Published by the Quicksilver Endurance Riders, Inc. P.O. Box 71 New Almaden, CA 95042 Kathy Mayeda, Editor  (650) 967-2050, e-mail: qser- Kay Allison, Distribution Coordinator Mike Maul, Chief Mover and Shaker W o r d   f r o m   t h e   P r e s i d e n t  Hi there!   I've just arrived home from driving the motorhome to Twentynine Palms (approximately 45 minutes out of Palm Springs) to visit my 85 year old aunt who lives right on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park in a vacation home that my grandfather built back in 1938. My grandfather was a doctor in Pasadena who used to bring his patients with lung problems (tuberculosis and damage from mustard gas during World War I) to the desert to live thus becoming known as the "Father of Twentynine Palms". This trip has become a yearly adventure in October during Pioneer Days. Aunt Sue and I attend the parade, the Oldtimers get together at the Old Schoolhouse Museum, partake of a chili dinner outside under the stars (complete with entertainment) at the Art Gallery and go to the rodeo. Brunch at The Inn Sunday morning is always on the agenda as well. I stop to see and stay with friends in Atascadero and Tehachapi either coming or going depending on how early or late I get started.   Since I was away on my trip I missed the last Quicksilver meeting which was hosted by Kay and Connell Allison. I understand that it was a big success with about 30 people attending to discuss our up and coming endurance rides. Mike did a wonderful job of conducting the meeting in my absence and Kay made a yummy lasagne as a treat for dinner.   Thanks guys! Speaking of endurance rides, didn't Steve do a truly outstanding job of managing our fall ride. I don't think you could top that!   Have any of you ever had Houdini horse residing at your place? Bold (the Enderle offspring) has taken up letting himself in and out of the corrals even though the fence wire (electrical) has been restrung around the perimeter, a new fence charger has been installed and the wire has been made lower. Bold who isn't exactly pony size (quite the opposite) has mastered the art of getting down really low and scooting under the fence, thus showing up at odd times in different places without breaking the wire. This is the same horse who a couple of years ago proudly showed me how he kept getting from one corral to another by very carefully grabbing the brightly colored twine hanging from the fence wire in his mouth and giving it a good yank, which of course resulted in a broken fence. Needless to say, the twine was duly removed. All the other horses seem to stay in their corrals, with one exception about a month ago when Bold freed Storm and Curly Joe and all three went galavanting up and down the hillside at about 3:00 in the morning. It's really demoralizing being outsmarted by a horse!                                         'til next time, Diane