Nov00Quicksilver Quips
November Quicksilver Quips

President's Message, November, 2000


Well, we survived another Quicksilver Fall Classic and it seemed to go off
pretty well.  We had 40 starters in the 50 miler with 30 finishing.  The
winner was Judy Etheridge, riding G. T. Orion and Gloria Vanderford, riding
BA Dardanelle was 3rd and took BC.

There were 32 starters in the 30 miler and 30 finishers.  The food was great
and all the volunteers worked really hard.

Next year we cannot use the same date and are thinking of new dates for the
ride.  October is pretty much taken up.  Maybe a Spring ride at a different
location.  If you have any ideas, let us know.

Next month we will be voting on the Officers and nominating the Board of
Directors.  The meeting will be at Trilby's and knowing Trilby, there may be
goodies.  Please come and vote for your choices.

I will try to have a report of the mid year board meeting.  I will attempt to
keep accurate notes so you can be the "first to know".  See you there.


       of October 11, 2000, convened at 6:45 p.m.

We discussed dates for next year's Quicksilver Ride at great length in an
attempt at avoiding and coinciding with other rides.  This was quite a

It was moved and seconded that we have the ride on October 6, 2001.  Steve
Lenheim volunteered to be Ride Manager for this event.

At 7:45 p.m., it was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

 QUICKSILVER GENERAL MEETING                    convened at 7:55 p.m.

No Treasurer's Report was available as Trilby had already left for the Grand
Canyon Ride.

We discussed this year's Quicksilver Ride again at great length.  Looks like
everything is set to go.  No Best Condition will be awarded on the Limited
Distance ride. There will be an overall Horse of Excellence award instead
with the winner receiving an entry to next year's 50.  A ride meeting will be
held at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evening.  Both rides will start at 7:00 Saturday
morning.  A photographer will be present.

Nominations were accepted for next year's officers.  They were:

PRESIDENT:           Diane Enderle
SECRETARY:        Jackie Davidson
TREASURER:        Kathy Miller

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



At the October General Meeting, nominations for the Quicksilver Officers for
2001 were made as reported in Diane Enderle’s minutes.  These will be voted
on at the November General Meeting.

  At the November General Meeting, nominations for Quicksilver Directors will
be made. They will be voted on at the December General Meeting.

The new officers and directors will take office in January 2001.  If you wish
to be included as a member of this elite group, please make sure you attend
the November meeting at Trilby's (20535 Rome Drive, San Jose--408-997-7500)
The Quicksilver Endurance Riders wish to thank Trilby for allowing us to meet
at her home  repeatedly.


Within the next few weeks you will be asked by the AERC to make a choice as
to who you want to represent you as Directors at Large.  There are eight
openings and twenty candidates. Three Quicksilver members are running--Becky
Hart, an incumbent, Mike Maul and Robert Ribley.  They have all indicated
they are willing to listen to your concerns.  In many ways the AERC is at a
crossroad---Limited Distance Rides and FEI Rides continue to be
controversial. And recently there is a move to have a minimum age to enter a
ride--not for the horse but for juniors. So choose your Directors with care.


A hearty welcome to new member Jackie Davidson of San Jose.  She's the kind
we need more of!!  Diane's minutes indicate Jackie is running for club
secretary. Yea, Jackie!

West Coast Distance Riding  and Trail Horse Sale
        and Mini Faire

....a new idea well received.

         The first of what hopefully will be an annual affair, was the West
Coast Distance Riding Mini-Faire and Auction held at Cal Expo in Sacramento
on  September 30, 2000.  Quicksilver was well represented.  A reception the
night before  hosted by Sportack with  Cory Soltau and Diana Butler, the
events co-managers, greeting the guests.  The following morning there was a
seminar with Quicksilver members Becky Hart and Julie Suhr speaking along
with Hal Hall of Auburn, Marion Schlinger of Santa Ynez and a representative
of the Arabian Trail Riders Assoc.  Bazy Tankersley of Al Marah Arabians was
supposed to make a presentation, but spent a miserable weekend with the flu,
instead.    After lunch the 22 horses to be auctioned were ridden in the
arena and then unsaddled and allowed to run free.  Quicksilver members Robert
and Melissa Ribley rode horses belonging to Joy Pritchard  that were being
inspected...and apparently quite well as Barbara McCrary bought one.

Each horse could be examined in its stall and the results of pre-purchase vet
exams were posted along with the horses vital statistics and  a rundown of
its personal history.

This included information on where the horse was raised, what its training
and riding experience was and a list of rides that the horse had completed if
it had already been introduced to the sport of long distance riding.  The
horse's heath history was posted also along with its vaccination and
de-worming schedules. In most cases, the horse's owners or trainers were in
attendance if people wanted to ask more questions about a particular animal.

A silent auction then followed with a bidding sheet by each horse's stall.
Quicksilver members coming home with new horses were Barbara McCrary, as well
as two of her daughters, Ellen and Janet, purchasing horses also. Of the
Quicksilver members looking but not buying were Lori Oleson, Becky Hart,
Heather Bergantz,  Judith Ogus, Kathy and Eric Thompson, Barbara McCrary,
Robert and Melissa Ribley, Steve and Michelle Shaw, Jennifer Layman and Kathy
Mayeda, Nancy Elliot, Skip Lightfoot,  Jill Newburn and Barbara McCrary, Pat
McKendry and Jan Jeffers, Bob and Julie Suhr.

This attendee thought it was an excellent first start.  There were some
glitches that need to be ironed out and the work that went into planning the
affair was evident.  There was some difficulty understanding the bidding
process and confusion between the meaning of Minimum opening bid and reserve
bid and consignor's bid.

Eleven of the 22 horses presented were sold, the highest for $17,000 and
ranging all the way down to $2,500.  In addition there were some tack shops
offering all sorts of wonderful  gear  on which endurance riders love to
feast. Actually, you could have  started from scratch and left on  a horse—
completely outfitted.

 I feel that this program can be built into something that will really
attract large numbers of buyers. The idea is great--just needs a little


    November 2000

                        November 4      LAKE OROVILLE VISTA  25/50
                                            Kathy Papa   530-534-9057

                        November 8      Quicksilver Meeting
                                            Board 6:30  General 7:30
                                            Meeting Place - Trilby Pederson’s

                        November 11     SUNLAND 25/50
                                            John Barnes 818-834-4747

                        November 24-26  SILVER STATE  50/50/50
                                            Fred Toomey 702-658-2008

Quicksilver Classic 2000 Ride Report
By Mike Maul

The Quicksilver Endurance Riders club put on the Quicksilver Classic
Endurance Ride on Oct. 14 in Calero and Quicksilver Parks with a 30
and 50 mile ride It started in Calero - went to Quicksilver - and finished in
Calero.  The weather was excellent - 40 started in the 50 mile ride and
32 in the 30 mile ride. Vet checks 1 and 2(lunch) were both at Mockingbird
with vet check 3 back in Calero.  The lunch vet check for the 50s was at 33

The head ride vet was as usual - Nancy Elliot - assisted by Craig Evans of
Adobe and a last minute addition - Stephanie Flowers.  The ride entries
went from 30+ on the previous Sunday to 61 on Wednesday to 78 at the vet-in
with not all starting.  Very nice that Stephanie came at the last minute.

QSER members finishing were Judy Etheridge on Orion(1st), Gloria Vanderford
3rd and BC on Dardanelle, Rick Gomez/Monterey 4th, Robert Oram/Splendent 6th,
Steve Lenheim/Ibn 7th, Dom Freeman/Proud Legacy 8th, Kathy Mayeda/Beau 9th, Mike
Maul/Thor 12th, Mike Sofen/Nick 13th, Kathy Webster/Fire Alaarm 14th, Gertrude
Walker/Eddie 15th, Ervin Quinn/Ebony 18th, Robert Ribley/Quigley 19th,
Julie Suhr/War Hymn 23rd, Jill Kilty Newburn/Blue at 25th, Jennifer Kurtzhall on Connell
and Kay Allison's stallion Nusaam at 28th and
Jack Enderle/Step Aside(stallion) at 30th(horses first 50). Ken Cook/Rocky
pulled at the lunch vet check. Barbara McCrary pulled in the 50 also.
Nancy Twight, Carolyn Tucker and Georgina
Wallbridge finished in the 30. QSER members took 10 of the first 14 places
and 7 of the top 10 in the 50.

There were 5 stallions in the ride and they all got along fine.  Carolyn Tuckers
Oman at 18 was still looking good in the 30.

There were lots of volunteers from the club - Connell cooking, Jan
assisting the vet and taking digital pictures to later appear on the QSER
website, MB as secretary(always be nice to MB when you change things), Scott
Sansom, Diane Enderle, Val Weizer, Skip Lightfoot donated water tanks, Kathy
Miller, and others.  Bing Voight, Hugh Vanderford, Bob Suhr crewing, Linda
Cowles riding drag,  Lud McCrary crewing. I am sure I missed someone here.
Not Brian - of course - he's the ride manager...

Some things to remember the ride by.

Steve Lenheim donated a week in his Hawaii condo to the winner of the drawing -
Ervin Quinn.  Will he be the first to actually use the condo from three drawings
so far?

The race to the finish between Joyce Souza and Judy Etheridge was really close.
Both horses looked terrific and Steve Lenheim's comment on being passed as they
lapped him on the last loop - "they both went by us at a flat out gallop".
Pretty good for Joyce's horse at 17.  It was a tough ride - any time you get
to climb Cardiac twice you know it is tough.

Really great crewing by Hugh Vanderford for many people at Mockingbird.  I heard
several offers to get him as a permanent crew but he kept saying that if
he didn't make it to the 3rd vet check before Gloria did - he was in deep trouble.

Mike Sofen and Mike Maul rode together the whole 50 miles.  Thor was so bonded
to Nick at the end that Mike was told that he could leave but Nick had to stay.

Dennis Rinde was running as usual and slipped - put his hand out to catch his
balance - then had his horse step on it.  Looked bad but the vets taped it up
and he took off running again.

Jennifer coming back over to the trailer at the end and when asked by Bing how
Nusaam did in the final check saying - "Dead lame - no completion" . Bing knew
better but I got caught.  Nusaam had done fine in his second 50.

Mike Maul and Robert Ribley both gave short speeches at the ride meeting
introducing themselves as candidates for the Director-at-Large positions.
Robert finished his by saying - if you elect me - you get two opinions for the
price of one - Melissa's will always be in there.

Finally - the ride could not have gone from Calero without the help of Jim
Green.  The ride went through his property and there was no way without his
permission.  He helped Brian mark trail in Calero and even more - because he had
sold the part of his property that the ride went through last time - he went
out and cut a new trail for us.

And he is something that I believe illustrates a real difference in life
today in Silicon Valley and what the Santa Clara Valley used to be. When
Mike and I came up to him on the way back - he was sitting in his chair
there waiting for us.  He got up - gave us 3 peppermints each and said he
would keep doing it for the next riders until he ran out.

He told us about how pleased he was to be able to do this for us and how
he had changed the trail so we could get through this year. He was happy
to be talking with us and participating in our experience.

Jim Green seemed proud that he could do this and that we were all enjoying
our ride. It's nice to see this in people and perhaps - unusual today.

When I compare his view of life with the "normal" dweller in today's Silicon
Valley - the Santa Clara Valley view has a lot going for it.  Our daily
"how's the market doing - are our options underwater - let's keep the horses
out of our new clean community" isn't something that reflects the  values
that Jim does.  And I think Jim's views are closer to what we do with our horses.

I live in Silicon Valley myself but I think we are all missing something that
Jim has and will continue to have.  Perhaps our horses can bring us a little
closer to the Santa Clara Valley way of life.

So - it was a nice ride - challenging - with people we know and horses we love.
Think about the part that Santa Clara Valley can play in our life too.

Mike Maul

Mike's Sofen’s additional comments

---------I want to echo Mike Maul's sentiments on the ride itself (really an
outstanding course, great trail markings, etc.) and especially of Jim Green.
To see this gentle soul get up out of his chair with a big smile on his face
and handing us these is a very special person who will share his
time and his property with us in a way that makes us feel honored by HIS

I am moved by Mike's words about the changes in the Santa Clara Valley and I
find myself not wanting to accept that the Jim Greens of the world may be
slowly disappearing, leaving behind folks who don't understand what a slower
life means, or who don't understand that horse manure isn't fatal.

I don't have an answer for where to find the next generation of Jim Greens. I
do know, however, that I'll notice when they're gone.

Thanks for a great ride recap, Mike, and thanks for a great ride all you QS
dudes and dudettes, I enjoyed meeting a bunch of you.

        Happy Trails,
                Mike Sofen

   IAHA Championship Competitive Trail Ride

              Nancy Twight & Tonto by Jan Jeffers

I got a phone call from Nancy Twight in early September inquiring about the
qualifications for the IAHA Championship Competitive Trail Ride held on
September 23-24 in Santa Ynez, California.  I told her she needed 50 miles of
competitive trail (either IAHA or NATRC), and the rest of the mileage could be
endurance, IAHA or NATRC.  She was discouraged, as her horse, Pogonip, (or
Tonto as we all know him), did not have any competitive trail mileage.  "You
are in luck," I said,  "there's a NATRC two-day ride next weekend in Cool,
which upon completion will qualify you for the IAHA ride."

 Off Nancy went to Cool the next weekend.  She arrived at the Silver Spurs
NATRC ride about dark, too late for check-in, so went for a midnight
ride. That's our Nancy!!  She and Tonto not only qualified for the IAHA ride
but Tonto won 3rd place in the Open Lightweight Division.

 The IAHA Championship Competitive Trail Ride was a two-day, 80-mile ride
over a course of rolling hills (some call them mountains) and oak trees.
Nancy and Tonto rode the ride with ease. Tonto consumed 10 pounds of carrots
during the ride (comfort carrots we call them).  Nancy's fellow competitors
cautioned her that giving your horse carrots during the P&R could make his
pulse rise; however, in Tonto's case it did just the opposite . There may be
something to this carrot thing!!
Tonto placed 1st in the purebred Arabian class.   He not only received a
beautiful trophy, Nancy a buckle but also qualified for the prize money since
he is sweepstakes nominated!

 Tonto's accomplishments for this year alone include, completions at the
Castlerock 50, Oakland Hills 50, Tevis Cup, and Swanton 100 (finished 5th and
runner-up for best condition), as well as taking home the top prize at the
IAHA Championship Competitive Trail Ride.

 As many of you know, Nancy trains horses with her "fat free" training
methods, and is the owner of Cool-Offs, those fabulous coolers and
neckerchiefs that keep us cool in the summertime.

 Tonto is home now enjoying his celebrity status.  I think he has earned it,
don't you!!!  Nancy has turned her attention to some of her other horses, in
particular, Ginger, who is on a "fat free" conditioning program for the

 Congratulations to a fabulous team, proving they can do it all!!



Last month we reported that Pat  and Bob Verheul and Becky Hart had new
horses. Then next we heard Barbara McCrary had bought a new  at the
Sacramento Auction. Then Jan Jeffers followed the crowd with an addition to
her barn.. But the count  goes on.  Pat McKendry’s story is sort of horse

--”had no intent of buying a horse”, but came home with one anyway!!!”

         MY NEW HORSE "STAR"

                        By:  Pat McKendry

 I accompanied Jan Jeffers on a horse-buying trip to Santa Ynez about a month
ago.  She picked out two horses to try, a gelding and a mare.  She liked the
gelding.  I, of course, had no intention of buying a horse - I was along for
company - but the mare caught my eye.  A couple of weeks later Jan was going
back to buy the gelding pending a vet check and asked me to go along.  There
was something about that mare that called to me, so I called the owner and
made a deal to bring her home.  Her name is "Rocketstar" (just what I need is
a rocket!).  I nicknamed her Star (don't want her to get any funny ideas).
She is a 14-1+ hand Arabian mare, gray in color, seven years old, race
trained (just what I need also is a race trained horse!).
 I sent Star to Trail Riding School 101  with Nancy Twight - the "fat-free
horse trainer"!!  She will be in school for about two months of schooling.

Three months ago I sold my nice nearly new van, as I was not using it.  Now,
not only do I have to buy a new van but a new horse trailer as well.  This
was accomplished last weekend, so I am ready to take on the Tevis for my 10th
buckle that eluded me in the past.  Wish Star and I luck!  See you out there
on the trails!

Quicksilver member Robert Oram has  acres of nice pasture at $165 per month
which includes supplemental feeding as needed.   He also is in search of used
pipe corrals.  Robert can be reached 831-761-1184.  He is in the Watsonville
area right next to Nancy Twight’s Peaceful Pastures Training Center on Old
Adobe Road.

      Some Trivia for Quicksilver

Horsepower is the amount of power it takes to pull a 150 pound weight out of
hole 22 feet deep in one minute.

 A horse that yawns frequently may have a sore throat. It may be his way of
scratching it.

Clean dry sawdust rubbed into the hair of a sweaty horse will dry him off

       Quicksilver Book Review

A New York Times book review by Richard Bernstein caught my eye with the
title Dark Horse and Black Beauties., Animals, Women, a Passion  by Melissa
Holbrook  Pierson.  Amazon. com delivered it to my door 48  hours later and I
attacked it with relish expecting a good journey.  It was not to be, although
the newspaper write-up gave me a right to expect a good trip by stating it
was the story of women and their horses and the affectionate relationship
forged between the animal kingdom and its human masters.  While the author is
obviously a deep thinker, (and perhaps I  missed the essence of the story)
the chapters seemed disjointed as her obviously quick mind raced from one
thought to the other. Her love of horses is apparent, but she also feels
humbled,   unworthy and frequently defeated in their presence.  She points
out, repeatedly,  the abuse horses have suffered at the hands of man from the
millions killed in war to the neglected and mistreated from past centuries to
the present.   She suffers  for them and this in itself is deeply  thought
provoking as she questions what right man has to assume that he should be
master over them.. Dark Horse's and Black Beauties sells for $22.95 and is
published by Norton & Co.


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