FebQuicksilver Quips
February  Quicksilver Quips

New President Cops Out

I don't have too much to write in the presidents message this month because
I wasn't there.  I was at the opera with another Quicksilver member.  It was fun.
But, I understand Judith did a wonderful job.  The elected board members are Ken Cook,
Cathy Kauer, and Steve Lenheim. Next month we have our awards banquet at Harry's
with a new twist. They are under new management and you must come to the back
and get a dinner ticket before going through the line. This is the only way they can
keep track of how many dinners we buy and the only way we will get our $150 deposit
back. We will have our usual stunning array of prizes and a surprise or two.
Don't miss it  and don't forget to come back and get your tickets for the dinner line.


This is your last issue of  QUICKSILVER QUIPS if you have not renewed your
membership for the year 2000.  Your renewal form was in the December issue of
QQ, but if you have mislaid it (or even thrown it out, heaven forbid!) you
should send your $25 for a single membership or $35 for a family membership
to Maryben Stover at 1299 Sandra Drive, San Jose, CA  95125

Book Review...A Christmas gift introduced me to book of horse essays that
seem to  hit home.  The author,  Thomas McGuane,  writes in the book Some
Horses  almost exclusively about cutting horses, a field of which I have
little knowledge.  However, I found it very riveting. The  first sentence
stayed with me. He said “Those who love horses are impelled by an ever
receding vision, some enchanted transformation through which the horse and
the rider become a third, much greater thing”.   How many of us have
experienced what Mr. McGuane mentions, but never knew quite how to express

Published in 1999, Some Horses sells for $22.95, but can be bought for
considerably less through  Amazon..com. 172 pages,. It is worth your money
and your time.           j.s.


ADVANCE NOTICE from JUDY ETHERIDGE    The QQers decided to schedule a 10 mile
pleasure ride which I will be leading to McGuire Peaks to view the
wildflowers at Sunol Regional Park on Sunday, April 16.  We would like to
have it listed in the events section.  Participants should bring a
lunch--I'll provide brownies or some such goody.  The ride will start at
10:00 AM.  There are plenty more trails for those who wish a longer ride.

Directions to Sunol:  take 680 north, take the highway 84-Calaveras (not the
237-Calaveras) exit, proceed about 4 miles east on Calaveras, turn left on
Geary Road which is about 1/4 mile past Welch Creek Road and follow Geary to
the park.  Trailer parking fee is $6.00.  If you want to put a little article
in the QQ about the ride here is the description about the trail to McGuire
Peaks.  Excellent views of San Antonio Reservoir and Mt. Diablo.  Bay area
plants found along trail rare to rest of the park.  For more information,
call Judy Etheridge at (925) 862-0232.
Editor's note: We will up-date this information in the April newsletter.

A hearty welcome to new QUICKSILVER member LEONARD CABANISS  Leonard lives in
Gilroy with his wife and two children. We hope to see them all at our
February 12th Banquet.

      Cathy Kauer sends a report.......

Just a note for Quips, I had such a lovely time doing DVE Day 2 (only) on
Rara Equus, what a fun and challenging ride!! Had a total blast, Rara
finished 23rd and I was so happy with her. It only took 7 years for the horse
to make me understand her!! As you know, the weather was spectacular, the
event was lots of fun and well represented by QSER.

As Dominique Freeman and I mused over dinner, maybe Jacque will give a
NDNC award (No Driver, No Crew). It turns out there were at LEAST 3 NDNC
Quicksilver members, Becky Glaser being the third I ran into. Becky maintains
that driving solo is the only way, and it was sweet without teenagers vying
for radio equal time, etc.!

There may have been some tough men there from Quicksilver but I only saw
tough women, who basically were the original ones to win the Wild West
anyway, the way I see it (don't let Marvin hear me say that).
                                    Cathy Kauer

Editor's note...I’ve asked Maryben to sign her president's messages with some
catch phrase  (remember Steve's- 50 miles to go” and Brian's “Happy Trails”?),
 but she claims she can't think of anything.  So we are going to have a
Quicksilver contest titled HELP MARYBEN.  All members are eligible to compete
except Marvin.  All you have to do to win a nice set of ULSTER interference
boot is to have your slogan picked by Maryben.  She will not know who wrote
it to keep it fair.  Hand them to me  (Julie) at our banquet or by mail or by
phone by February 12th. The winner will be acknowledged in the March Quips.

From JAN SNYDER I would have written this greeting earlier, but I was
awaiting the
end to a story that started last weekend.  Now I can tell-- I have a new

  I found a nice little 6 yo Rocky Mtn Horse gelding at a dealer in the Aromas
area.  I was referred there by my vet and two friends who've purchased horses
from Terry within the past year and had nothing but good to say about him.

  I rode Laddie last Saturday.  We got acquainted in the rather informal
arena (front yard, don't ride on the newly seeded lawn!), then down the road
and up the hill on a real trail.  We did obstacles of various sorts, I
experienced his spook mode, good brakes and steering, good MIND on this
little guy, and we just kept getting better together.  His single-foot is
nice, his canter is a rocking chair, and he can really walk out, too.
He's well trained but needs more worldly experience on the trail; not a
been-there-done-that horse yet, but his attitude toward new things is pretty
  Terry and his partner and trainer, Phil, have only had Laddie since
Thanksgiving, so barely evaluated him enough to put on the market. They will
keep him another 10 days to work on a few things I want done (or at least
tested to see what I need to do later).
  He passed the vet exam adequately.  Some potential for bone spavin showed
up (negative flexion and some changes noted on x-ray), but no current
lameness and that is a problem I understand well enough to live with the
risk. (Hey, I talked the price down a few hundred!)  He showed perfect ground
manners for the vet.
  So I got myself a red, 15.1h Solstice present!    I will pick him up on
January 3rd.  Weather permitting, I'll go for another ride with the trainer
before bringing Laddie home to Lightfoot.
Ed. note: We share your joy, Jan.


So you are invited to Dubai, or, how not to ride off continent.

 I picked up our phone messages Saturday afternoon. Mike had called and left
a cryptic message about doing a foreign ride. Please call him back as soon as

 I called back immediately! It seems a high official with the UAE Organizing
Committee had contacted him and asked him if he could fill an available open
spot for an all expense paid trip to Dubai. This would be for a rider, groom,
and horse. Would we be interested? YES!

 On Sunday, Mike calls back and tells us we have been accepted and to fax
Kathy's' and Zane's' resumes to the UAE on Monday.

 We are elated to say the least.

 On Tuesday I call Mike to clear up some questions I have. Mike informs me
that USET has informed him that Zane can not go because he is a stallion and
can not meet their quarantine restrictions! He also tells me that USET has
slapped his hands for not going through them first--politics!

 I call Mary at USET. She tells me that since Dubai did not inform her directly
that we were invited, we were not going! Besides, Zane could not qualify to
go since he could not meet the quarantine restrictions placed on stallions!
When pressed as to what these restrictions were, she had to admit she really
didn't know, but she would get back to me.

 Later that day I received a call from the shipper in New York. We played
phone tag that evening. On Wednesday about 10 AM we finally made contact. The
shipper, Paul, stated that he was informed we might be headed for Dubai, but
that there was a problem in that
Zane was a stallion and wouldn't pass the UAE quarantine restrictions,
however he would fax the needed forms to me soon.

 Now it just happened that our vet was here at this time. We were talking
about this matter when the needed fax came through.
 Upon inspection of the 5 page document, we determined that Zane met all the
requirements except for possibly the EVA reporting section. I called Paul
back. He reluctantly agreed that it sounded as if  Zane did meet all
requirements except for the EVA, and the best way to prove he was not a
carrier was to do a semen test!

 Our vet, Kris, got on the phone to the local diagnostic lab. They said they
shipped all EVA semen samples to the University of Kentucky! Kris called
Kentucky. We were in luck, they were starting that particular test on
Thursday at 10:30 AM. The next time they would do the test was January 10th!
They told Kris what they needed and then faxed us the same information plus
forms to fill out.

 We went out and got Zane feeling quite confident in his ability to perform
on demand. I brought in Zane's' favorite mare, took the cover off the
breeding mount, and waited and waited and waited.

 I put Shazi away and got the virgin 3 year old that had been standing across
the road from Zane for the last 3 weeks. Surely this would work, after all,
Zane had been tickling his tummy daily for the last 3 weeks just looking at
her. Boy did he get excited. He jumped on the mount and then changed his
mind. He did this again and again and again.

 I put Toni away and got the 28 year old mare from the pasture next to his.
My did she like him! Wink wink wink. This is it! We found the right gal for
Zane. Zane couldn't wait to hop on that breeding mount. But he still wouldn't
perform. What's wrong with him?

 Zane has never cared before, 18 to 80 he always pleased them all!
  Kathy tried to contact the local stallion station that ships semen for us.
Turned out they were gone for 3 days.
Kris called repro services at UC Davis. We
need an emergency semen collection--NOW! They could do it at 4:00 PM.
 I now had one and one half hours to get Zane to Davis and hope he would
perform there!

 I made it on time. They were running a little behind schedule. They would see
him at 4:30.
I took Zane out of the trailer and found my way back to the breeding area.
This time he knew what he was to do! When they brought out a strange mare
with her tail wrapped he headed straight for that breeding mount. It was all
over at 5:05.

 I loaded Zane back in the trailer, paid my bill (plastic thank you), and
headed for Sacramento airport and Fed Ex. I had till 6:15 to make the cut off
for Kentucky. I arrived at 6:00 on the dot.

 "Zane" arrived at the university at 10:20 on Thursday! That same day, Mary
at USET informed us that AHSA had not received "official" notice about Zane
or Kathy. Consequently, Mary had faxed to the UAE OC a list of "Qualified FEI
riders, and Kathy was not one of them." She also stated " We don't rate
horses, only riders. Any rider can always lease a horse if they want to ride
off  continent!"

 On Friday, I spoke to Lynn at AHSA. She told me that since the UAE didn't go
through the proper channels, the only way we could go to the ride was on an
"Open entry." She said she would fax me the information required.
 After receiving the needed information, I called Paul to find out how much it
would cost to ship Zane from NY. $12,000.00 round trip including my seat and
300 pounds of luggage.

WHEW! In one week, we had gone from a free trip to Dubai to one that would cost
 us about $18,000.00 after Kathy and Katelynn's plane fares and hotel costs.
At least the OC was still willing to cover Zane's costs once he was there!
Let's wait and see what happens.

 On Tuesday the 21st Kentucky let us know that they were 99% sure that Zane
was free of EVA and that they would fax us the final results on Thursday.
 On Wednesday, Paul called to let me know that the cost had gone up for Zane
to $16,000.00 round trip and that my fare would be $1,900.00, plus there
would be a $1,500.00 quarantine charge upon returning, plus all baggage would
be at $1.00 per pound, and that he would charge a service fee of

 Lynn said that the UAE had canceled all outstanding invitations that had not
been accepted world wide. She also stated that the UAE had decided it could
no longer "afford" to help with the horse costs for open riders.

 With this new news, our total costs from NY to do one endurance ride would
be at least $30,000.00!  Ain't gunna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We faxed AHSA that we would not be participating in the January Endurance
Ride in Dubai!

 Now I will tell you what I think happened here.
 We were invited.
 USET & AHSA toes were stepped on.
 USET & AHSA placed the UAE OC in an awkward position that they could only
get out of by "canceling" all riders in the same similar position as ours.
 The only people who will get to ride FEI are those who have LOTS OF

 Shame on USET & AHSA!
        Eric J. Thompson
 PS-- Valerie is still having her way paid!

 Editors note: LS Zane Grey is last
year's Quicksilver Hall of Fame horse.


Date: Saturday, February 12, 2000
                Place: Harry's Hofbrau
       Location: Stevens Creek & Saratoga Ave.
              Time: 6:30 p.m.

Who will win .....

Hall of Fame Horse and Rider??
Horse of the Year?

            EVERYONE Is A WINNER--
             not a single person will go
               home EMPTY HANDED

  Very important:  Quicksilver pays a refundable $150 deposit to reserve the
special room.   Do not go through the dinner line until you have received a
ticket from Maryben in our reserved room. Hand in the ticket when you  pay
for your dinner and then, and then only, will we get our refund.  It would
help Maryben (265-0839) if you let her know if you are coming, but don't stay
home if you forget.  Harry has never runs out of food.


                    Details:  see page

    February 14 VALENTINES’S DAY
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