Dec00Quicksilver Quips
December Quicksilver Quips

President's Message, December, 2000


The year is winding down and it is time to start thinking of our Christmas
Bash.  Once again we will be having turkey with all the trimmings.  When
Trilby is in charge of food we eat well.  We were all treated to spaghetti at
last night's meeting.  The awards banquet will be in the usual place on
2/10/01.  Be sure to send in your point and mileage forms on time.  Remember,
no amount of points and/or mileage is too small to get an award.  We always
have lots.  This year we have a crew award to add to the festivities.  Lots
of crew people out there.  Send in your forms too.....

               Duh,     Maryben

                  December 2000

   December 13  QUICKSILVER Christmas Party
                 Details   see page 4

   December 25   CHRISTMAS DAY

   December 28-31 Death Valley Encounter  25-35/50
                Jackie Bumgardner   760-375-8915

QUICKSILVER BOARD MEETING of November 8, 2000 convened at 6:40 p.m.

Ride dates for next year were discussed in great detail again as the ride
date settled upon during the last meeting was in conflict with another ride
in the general vicinity.  We came up with first, second and third choice
dates so that we would avoid renewing this discussion still another time.

A motion was made and seconded to submit September 15, October 20 and October
27, 200l to AERC for approval.

The location of our club Christmas Party, which is to be held on December 13,
2000, was briefly discussed and a motion was made and seconded to hold it as
usual at the Santa Clara County Horseman's Association.

This meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


A vote was taken for the upcoming year's club officers.  They are as follows:

PRESIDENT:      Diane Enderle
SECRETARY:      Jackie Davidson
TREASURER:      Trilby Pederson

The Officer's slate shown in the Minutes of last month did not show Trilby
running against Kathy Miller since it was originally thought that she had
held the Treasurer's office for three years.  Since this was in error she was
put back in the running and subsequently won the nomination for this office.

Nominations were opened up for Board Members for the coming year.  The
nominees are:
                   Jan Jeffers
                   Cathy Kauer
                  Judith Ogus

Committees formed for our end of the year business are as follows:

Trilby Pederson                                                       Melissa Ribley
Jan Jeffers                                                                Judith Ogus
Maryben Stover                                                         Bing Voight

Pete Lemond                                               Nancy Elliot
Lori Oleson                                                 Mike Maul
Steve Lenheim                                            Jackie Davidson

We were reminded of the Saddle Fitting Clinic at Lightfoot Stables on
Saturday, November 18, 2000, to be put on by Dawn Perrine.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Enderle, Secretary

Quicksilver Annual   Christmas Party  and Gift Exchange

     Wednesday, December 13 at 6:30 p.m.
               Santa Clara County Horsemen's Grounds

If your last name begins with any letter from A thru L, please bring a main
dish such as potatoes, rice, vegetables or a surprise of your choice. If you
last name begins with any letter from M thru Z, please bring a salad, dessert
or bread .  Oh, and cranberry too.

If your last name begins with any letter from A thru Z, bring a gift
to  exchange.  Don't spend more than $10 at the most!   $5 will do.


Trilby is our Christmas Party chairperson and needs someone to roast a
turkey.  She will do one, but we need two so call her at 408-997-7500 soon.
Call her if you need more party information too.


       RIDE ACCOUNT:          $ 1008.13

      GENERAL ACCOUNT:      590.67

     TRAILS ACCOUNT:          838.47

    JUNIOR ACCOUNT:          758.22

Our Quicksilver Head Vet, Nancy Elliot is too much in demand to have much
time left to herself to ride.  But she made it to Southern California.

  A Busman's Holiday for Nancy Elliot

  After racking up a whopping total of 60 ride miles this season (Mariposa on
Izzie), I finally made it to another race.  Sequoia returned to competition
after time off from an injury in the off season last year with a good, solid
finish in the Sunland 50.  My buddy Sandy Schuler accompanied me with her
gelding Triton, who is a nice traveling companion for my sometimes stressed
boy. I was supposed to do the Lake Sonoma ride with Sequoia first as an easy
transition back to real work, but the "rain" blew that plan so he had to deal
with a 7 hour trip then an honest, tough ride instead.  Sandy and I met up at
Lightfoot (thanks Becky and Judith for letting me leave my rig!), went a few
hours down to Lost Hills KOA for the night, then leisurely made it to Sunland
before noon on Friday.

 Nice, warm, sunny Southern California wasn't either warm or sunny; in fact,
there was a chance of snow forecast for race day!  We lucked out with a
frigid but clear morning followed by a day that never let one get to short
sleeves.  The trail is a nice mix of trail and fire road that loops back to
camp for lunch break and has three other vet checks away.  The trail was
really well marked, vetting seemed competent if somewhat 'relaxed', and the
many volunteers and other folk involved were super friendly.  There was quite a
bit of rock and we spent a fair amount of time walking through some washes,
but there was plenty of good going with great climbs and descents.  The climb
after leaving VC 3 at 31 miles is pretty impressive.  Too bad this ride isn't
in the spring, because it would be terrific Tevis training. The views of the
LA Basin were quite pretty (really!) and we enjoyed spectacular sunsets, with
big thunderheads over the mountains lit up by the setting sun.  The winner
(Susie Kelly, again) finished in 5 hours, while we took 8 hours with lots of
horse left.  I would recommend this ride to anyone wanting a change of
scenery who has a good hill horse and likes an honest 50 with good challenges

  And Nancy adds:
 Also--a book recommendation (I don't think it's been mentioned yet):

 Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley should be on any horseman's or horse lover's
"must read" list.  This is a novel by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author (A
Thousand Acres) and avid horsewoman about a group of people and horses
involved in Thoroughbred racing.  Not only does she carry the multiple story
lines well and very clearly flesh out her human characters, she is able to
bring the same descriptive clarity to her equine characters as well.  Her
feel for horses and how real horse people interact with them comes through
beautifully, and she is the first author I've read that has the talent to put
in writing small instances that only a real horse lover could possibly

 [If you like this, check out an early novel of hers, Barn Blind--not as
good, but still very enjoyable for horsey folk]

 December Check List —the Four “HAVE YOU’S?”

 HAVE YOU  sent in  nominations for Hall of Fame Horse and  Hall of
 Fame Rider,  Horse of the Year and  Eleanor Norton Awards?

     ELEANOR NORTON AWARD nominations go to last year's winner:
        Melissa Ribley, DVM, 13061 Arbor Lane, Grass Valley, CA  95949 or
                committee  member Judith Ogus or Bing Voight
     RIDER HALL OF FAME nominations go to last year's winner:
         Nancy Elliot, DVM,  4290 Pesdcadero Road, Pescadero, CA  94060 or
        committee member Jackie Davidson or Mike Maul
    HORSE HALL OF FAME goes to the owner of 1999’s winning  horse
        Pete LeMond, 617 Carpenteria Road, Aromas, CA  95004   or
                   committee member Lori Oleson or Steve Lenheim
    HORSE OF THE YEAR   Maryben Stover, 1299 Sandra Drive, San Jose,
CA 95125 or Trilby Pederson or Jan Jeffers

     These are all due by December 15th...ACT NOW!

 HAVE YOU sent your completed ride record for the 2000 ride year to
Maryben? Remember, new this year,  you can  fill out the rides  where you
have been a crew person.  Maryben promises great awards.  Her address is 1299
Sandra Dr., San Jose, 95125. See form on page  13  of this issue.  (Remember
the great polar fleece items awarded at last year's banquet? No ride
report -  no polar fleece)

                Due by December 31st.

HAVE YOU  renewed  your Quicksilver membership?  It is cheaper now than after
the first of the year.  Membership form on page  14.  It  goes to Maryben.

                                            Due by December 31st.

 HAVE YOU  sent a picture of you and/or your horse or both to Steve Lenheim
for inclusion in the 2000 Yearbook/Calendar?  He's at 2100 So. Bascom,Ave.,
#4, Campbell, CA 95008.  Or better yet, bring your pictures to the Christmas
Party.  New members: we  particularly want fresh faces for our calendar.
Please be sure to send them to Steve.

                    Due December 31st.

 You do not have to wait until the due dates to perform any of these tasks.
Just do it NOW!


We know where there is a  pleasure trail horse for an intermediate rider.
This pinto  thorobred/fox trotter is gentle and dependable with experience
over obstacles.  He's 15.2 and more details are available from Nancy Twight
at 831-761-3363.

Robert Oram’s ad didn't come out quite right in last month's Quips so here is
another one.  He has nice pasture with room to board horses at $165 per
month.  Supplemental feeding as necessary.  He is also looking for used pipe
corrals.  You can reach Robert at 831-761-1184. Robert is in the Watsonville

Maryben Stover also has a nice pasture available in the Almaden area.  The
horses are checked daily and extra feed is given when necessary.  She can be
reached at 408-265-0839.

Bob and Pat Verheul would like to find a stock trailer to carry at least 3
horses to the 2001 XP Ride.  They can be reached at 831-335-3907.

     Steve's Special Request

It's that time of the year when you need to total your rider points and get
the PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR HORSE for the calendar.  This year I have a
suggestion for all the computer whiz-kids to try and do their own black and
white, yes, use your scanner and printer and copy that picture for the
calendar.  Make it about 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches and eliminate all the clutter
so we can see a happy face (look at  an old calendar for ideas). Send the
photo to me or bring it to the Christmas party . For those of you who prefer,
just give me the color photo and I'll scan it.  It would be nice to include

           Steve Lenheim

             MAN VS.  HORSE

Marvin Snowbarger has forwarded to QQ a very interesting article from
Runner's World's November 2000 issue telling of a Man vs Horse Race
they hold in Wales each year. So far the horses have always  won, but only by
80 seconds this year and I can tell that the bipeds think it is just a matter
of time before they beat the quadrupeds.  Personally, I hope it doesn't

The article is written by Ed  Eyestone  who was an entry  in this year's
race and finished 11th  about 35 minutes behind the first horse, an Arabian
ridden by a woman. It was a stormy day with mud and slick footing for both
man and beast. The race, now in it's 22nd year, is  22 miles long and
usually is won in about  2:10.  There is a $31,500 award for the first person
to beat the horse and so far it has gone uncollected.  As with most of our
long distance rides in the United States, the horse does have a mandatory vet
check at about 11 miles. 200 runners accepted the challenge this year against
a field of 13 horses.   js

    and we just   Grow and Grow

It is with great pleasure we introduce our latest new Quicksilver members.
Most of us know MARILYN ORLANDO and we see her at many rides.  But how nice
it is to have her as a member.

Then we now hare CHERYL DOMNITCH  on our roster.  Cheryl does ride and ties
and owns Mocha whom she just bought from Maryben.

Our third new member since last month is DAWN PERRINE of Boulder Creek.
Dawn hales from Colorado and lives near the  Swanton-Pacific trail and helps
Trilby train horses.

Marilyn, Cheryl and Perrine---
We want your pictures in our Yearbook/Calendar so see page  5  for details.
And don't forget our Christmas party at the Horsemen's Grounds on McKean Road
on December 13.  More information on that on page .4.

Man, Oh Man, What Have I Done?     by Marvin Snowbarger

I am not sure about this but I did it anyway: I mailed-in my entry to the
Western States 100 Mile Run to be held on June 23, 2001.  Last year at this
time my entry for the 2000 Run was not selected, which meant that this years
entry would be selected automatically.  I'm awaiting the confirmation.

I've run 10 ultras (50 mile runs) this year attempting to qualify for the 100
mile run. Everyone of them has been a struggle. At the end of each 50, I've
thought to myself that to go another 50 miles would be impossible.

So, before sending in my entry, I had to contend with the reality that the
100 mile objective was not attainable. Of the 10 ultras I've attempted this
year, I finished 7, but only 3 of them were fast enough to be accepted as

Ultrarunning is a real puzzle. There are so many things to consider when the
mileage starts increasing (weather, conditioning, altitude, clothing, shoes,
crew support, etc.) that each run becomes its own challenge. But going a
hundred miles?  I don't know.

My plans are to step back from the running for several weeks, enjoy the
holidays, re-order the priorities in my life, and catch-up on some
long-delayed tasks,. Then, in January, I’ll put everything to the side and
concentrate on getting ready for the June “date with destiny”.  Kinda
dramatic,  huh. Dramatic or not, it's gonna hurt.


The Lake Oroville Vista Ride was held Nov. 4 with a number of QSER members
making up the top ten.  Judy Etheridge was in 3rd just 15 seconds ahead of
Michele Shaw at 4th on Robin Hood who took BC. Melissa Ribley was in 8th
place, Hugh Vanderford in 9th, Kirsten Berntsen in 10th, Kathy Mayeda was
19th, and Mike Maul 21st. Jeff Luternauer 36th, Robert Ribley 37th,  and Bing
Voight 54th.   Bing finished around 4 PM. Riders were still coming in  at the
cutoff time. Placings were difficult to find out because there was no awards
meeting. There were 87 starters in the 50 with 75 finishers and 38 starters
in the 25 with  35 finishers.

This was the second time for the ride - last years being described as
"challenging". At the ride meeting we were told that this year's trail was
shorter - and likely in the 44-46 mile range.  For me - it seemed a pretty
challenging 50 even now - taking about 7 hours riding time. There was lots of
single track with some nice places where you could weave around the trees as
you took it fast. One killer spot was going from the top of the dam to the
bottom - then back up again. The back up again was not a trail in many places
- just ribbons from point to point.  And much of it just straight up.
The scenery varied between beautiful - the lake and surroundings - to a new
home construction area with the land torn up - burn piles - deep cleated
trails from the bulldozers that were difficult to follow. We spent several
hours in this area with a complex set of trails and markers that crossed
often. There were a very large number of volunteers as spotters in these
areas and were certainly needed.  There seemed to be hundreds of signs - turn
right here and straight ahead here.....The volunteers were great and very

Stories from the ride:
Bing decided at the last moment to go - gets in at 1:30 AM - shining his
brights into Mike and Kristen's sleeping area.  No vet shows up at 5 AM to
vet him in - so management gives him a number and says "Good luck:.  Bing is
riding Spot and manages to find his way to Vet check 3 before Vet check 1. He
made up a lot of time to finish where he did. Judy Etheridge gets lost too
in the first part of the ride and comes out of the lunch check in 9th.  She
and Orion make up a lot of time in the last 12 miles to finish 3rd.  Her time
was only 5 minutes off the winners and she think that the brass ring
might have been hers w/o getting lost...I-). Michele and Robin Hood were just
passed by Judy near the end but came away with BC and looked great.
An interesting part of the ride that all the fast front runners missed out on
was shared with me late that night by some other riders who came in at the
end.  The third Vet check at the top of the spillway was run by a vet with
his own microbrewery at home.  He had an iced keg of his homebrew in the van
and they talked him into filling their water bottles with it.  It made coming
in at the end well worth it for these gals.

A few of the comments heard during the ride:
We started at 5:45 and could see the lights of the sleeping city off in the
distance with dawn coming.  As we were riding - I heard a voice out the
darkness say - "this is so beautiful that it's worth getting up this early to
see it". Another rider catching the lake at the right spot to make a perfect
reflecting pool for the mountains. One late rider caught the sunset coming
down the mountain toward the finish -"Too beautiful to describe" was all she
could say.

For me - the ride contained a number of contrasts - the huge dam and spillway
-a tremendous engineering achievement - close to 1000 feet tall. But I was
riding by it on something that tied me to a very different era and view of
the  world.  I live in both - really much more in the new than the old  - but
I believe that the old can provide an anchor for the new..And the other contrast was the forest and the lake compared to the cleared land for the new recreation site for
camping (including a horse camp) fishing, golf course and vineyard.
Perhaps it will look great when finished - but compared to
the rest of the ride - I still prefer the "way it used to look". Ride
management did say that there would be no housing developments but keeping
these promises can be difficult.

In all - an interesting and different ride - a chance to meet some new and
old friends - and see a new part of the country.  For me - this is my last
ride of the year and I can hope for no rain at Becky's first Shine and Shine
Only ride on Jan. 27.


  LORI OLESON SOUNDS THE WARNING and we had all better take heed!

Lori's e-mail message to Quicksilver Quips  “Here's a web site to check out.
( This will not go into effect until 2003 but it might
be something to put in the QQ to give everyone a heads up it's coming.  It
will probably affect everyone who goes to rides.”

Visit this site---here is one excerpt chosen by the editor.      There is
lots more at the web site.

Why Weed Free?
According to the National Forest Service thousands of acres of public lands
nationwide are being lost each day to invasive non-native weeds. Although
California does not have a severe weed problem in its National Forests as
compared to the Rocky Mountains or Pacific Northwest Region, the steady march
and invasion of Yellow Star thistle is a good example of why a weed free
program is being undertaken in California. By establishing a weed free
program plus other recommendations and required policy for all public land
users -- not just horsemen but hikers, bikers, off-road-vehicles, backpackers
and more -- what's happened in other states and already on some California
public lands can be avoided and eliminated.

What began as part of the Sierra Nevada Framework for Conservation &
Collaboration for only Sierra Nevada and Modoc Plateau forests has taken on
its own life and is now a stand alone program pertaining to ALL California
National Forests. Weed free is an Executive Order that applies to all federal
lands -- nationwide. And beginning in the year 2003, all National Forest
Service (NFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Park Service
(NPS) lands in California will require the use of certified Weed Free Feed
(Forage) when horse camping, packing or staying on federal lands for periods
of time.

Weed free feed (or forage as agencies refer to it) is baled hays, grasses,
alfalfa or any baled combination plus straw and mulch. Cubes are not
considered weed free unless they are processed from fields which have been
certified as weed free. In other words, baled feed and cubes used not just in
National Forest Wilderness Areas but on ALL National Forest, BLM and Park
Service lands has to be certified weed free by a California County
Agricultural Commissioner. When trail riding on NFS, BLM or NPS lands for any
length of time -- half an hour, two hours or all day -- these three agencies
are suggesting that horses be "purged for 12 hours by the feeding of
California certified weed free feed". Exempt from the Certification
requirements are sacked pellets (which are felt to be weed free because of
the heat process they go through) and grains (although there is still concern
about weed contents on some sack labels).
It is anticipated that once the three federal land agencies begin their weed
free policy requirements in 2003, the California State Parks Department along
with various county, local park and trail agencies will follow suit for weed
free feed.

To keep the equine community (and others) informed on weed free requirements
that is accurate, timely and up-to-date, (cross
referenced as is being developed. By being informed,
horse owners will still be able to ride, camp, pack and enjoy California
public lands from the back of your favorite horse!!


At the December meeting the final Board Members  for the Quicksilver Year
2001 will be chosen.  We already know that Diane Enderle will guide us this
next year as president. She will be assisted by vice-president Mike Maul.
New member, Jackie Davidson will be keeping track of it all in her minutes
and Trilby Pederson will handle our funds. They will be assisted by three
Board members to be chosen at the December Meeting.

Each year Quicksilver has an annual Awards Banquet.  The location is Harry's
Hofbrau in San Jose where the food just doesn't get much better. The date
will be Saturday, February 10th. This special occasion, which is called a
banquet but actually is quite informal, always has a high attendance and is a
time of good fellowship for all.  But to qualify for an award, you first MUST
fill in the sheet on the back page of this edition of Quicksilver Quips and
send it to Maryben by December 31st.  Otherwise you will go home with
nothing but envy for those who did send it in.  Even if you rode or crewed
only a couple of rides, you are probably eligible for a prize and I don't
think anyone has ever gone home empty handed.  Sending your records to
Maryben also insures that your horse's and your mileage will be permanently
recorded in our Quicksilver records.

At the Banquet, Steve Lenheim will pass out our  Yearbook/Calendar which is
very popular as it has pictures of most of the club members. BUT, once again,
if you are to be included you must send your picture to Steve.  (see pages 5
and 8).   A snapshot will do, it doesn't have to be a formal portrait.  If
you can get your horse in the picture with you, so much the better. If not,
your grandchildren's pictures will do.  Anything to give the calendar
interest and oomph. New members are especially urged to send in their
pictures.   Steve has to have them (more than one will do, also) by December
31st. Last year he had lots of candid pictures in the back of the Calendar
which were fun. He is always good about returning pictures to the rightful
owners after the Yearbook/Calendar is published.

The Grand Finale of the Banquet is the presentation of the Eleanor Norton
Award, Eleanor, the daughter of one of the original members of our club, Virl
Norton, was lost at age 17 in an automobile accident. She was much loved and
admired.  This award goes to the Quicksilver Endurance rider who exemplifies
the meaning of the word “sportsmanship.” We also have the much sought after
Hall of Fame Awards.  If you know a Quicksilver person or a horse who you
feel have distinguished themselves please write a note nominating them for
these awards. See page 3 for the chairman of the committee that will do the
choosing. Your letter of nomination should be directed to them.  Last year
for the first time we had a Horse of the Year Award given to a  horse owned
or ridden by a current QSER member separate from the Hall of Fame award.
Horse of the Year shall demonstrate outstanding achievement in a single ride
season in one or more of the following categories:
        1. outstanding performance at high profile endurance rides
        2.  outstanding accumulative records of the year.
        3.  Multiple[ offspring of broodmare or stallion
        4.  Any horse able to overcome adverse conditions (orphaned, serious
illness or      injury not race related, etc. and able to begin or continue
an endurance career.)

And this year, for the first time we will have a CREW PERSON OF  THE YEAR
Award.  So if you did not ride, and just crewed, you still  can be a winner.
Fill in your crew miles on the ride report sheet  on page 13.

                  Please help our club volunteers by sending in your ride
records as promptly as possible.

NAME OF RIDER___________________________________________________________

NAME OF HORSE___________________________BREED_________________AGE_____




                 from  12/1/99 THROUGH 11/30/00
           WEIGHT DIVISION_________


Please use a separate sheet for each horse/rider combination.  Extra sheets
are available from Maryben (265-0839).  Use the rest of this form and/or the
back to tell us anything else you would like about you, your horse, crew,
family, grandchildren, etc.  All forms must be postmarked by December 31,
2000.  Mail completed forms to:
   Maryben Stover. 1299 Sandra Drive, San Jose, CA  95125-3535

It's That Time Of Year!!!
Your QUICKSILVER  membership fee is due by January 1, 2001

We need your name_________________________________________________

  and then your address_______________________________________________

   and your phone number, Fax, email, whatever___________________

and then we need the names of other members of your family.

___________________________________         ________________________________

___________________________________         ________________________________

 and last we need your money! A single membership is $25_______
                             A family membership is $35______

 BUT if your dues are postmarked before Jan. 1, 2001, you can deduct $5
from your membership fee...just $20 single or $30 family.

How are our dues spent?  Annual Yearbook/Calendar; monthly Newsletter; a
representative voice in horse politics locally; trail maintenance and
improvement projects; and monthly meetings with frequent speakers.  Plus, you
have the opportunity to participate in poker rides, moonlight rides,
endurance rides, trail projects, banquets, parties and saving the best for
last, you will meet the best friends you will ever have!

If  you have a friend you would like to  have receive one free copy of
Quicksilver Quips, call 831-335-5933.

   Send your 2001 dues, made out to Quicksilver Endurance Riders, Inc.,
    to membership chairperson: Maryben Stover
                      1299 Sandra Drive
                           San Jose, CA  95125-3535

May you and your horse have a wonderful Year 2001 riding together as members

Published by the Quicksilver Endurance Riders Inc.
P.O. Box 71, New Almaden, CA 95042
Julie Suhr, Editor TEL and FAX 831-335-5933